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   Cheng Gong Elementary School(CGES), the biggest township with plenty fish catch from the Pacific Ocean, is located in the northeast of Taitung County, nearby Coast Mountain Range. It was founded as the branch of San Min Elementary School in 1964 and became an independent school in 1965.

   During 50 years, CGES grows from a branch school in fishing village to a key point school with the cooperation of former presiders, teaching and administrative staffs, and local gentries.At present, we are medium scale school including 16 classes, 41 staffs, and around 350 students.

With “Holistic Education” objective and “Care”, “Happiness”, “Energy”, and “Macro” vision of future, CGES schemes teaching courses and various afterschool activities to promote students’ academic abilities. The great outcomes show in the field of language, information, sports, and music. The information club, soccer and baseball team, and chorus frequently join national competitions as Taitung County Representative Team and win prizes.

   Creating excellent educational environment, and training new generation citizens owning personality, learning, care, and macro capacities are our operative target.